Portuguese Ambassador to Nigeria praises NPFBA
The Portuguese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. António Pedro Rodrigues da Silva, has praised the Nigeria Portugal Friendship & Business Association with the following statements:

"As I had the opportunity to affirm on several previous occasions, the creation of the Nigeria Portugal Friendship & Business Association was one of the best news that the bilateral economic relations between Portugal and Nigeria have had in many years.

The creation of the Association was the solution the entrepreneurs and business persons from both countries were seeking to fill the existing lack of an independent institutional framework of cooperation capable of responding to the growing dynamism registered by the bilateral economic and trade relations between Nigeria and Portugal.

The remarkable work of the Association since its foundation and its widely recognized success is the proof that its founders were right in their initial vision about the necessity of building up independent business networks and mutually beneficial economic partnerships between the two countries, based on trust and mutual understanding, as the means to develop and intensify successful economic and trade bilateral relations.

In this moment of celebration, that is also about making a balance of past achievements, I would like to formulate my best wishes for the future endeavours of the Nigeria Portugal Friendship & Business Association, certain that it will continue its present path of success and, by doing so, making a significant contribution to the strengthening and consolidation of the bilateral relations between Portugal and Nigeria."
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